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Quality - Craftsmanship - Service

Ornamental and Architectural Metal Work

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Appalachian Ironworks L.L.C. focuses on:
Quality, from the raw materials we use , to our customer service, we strive for quality in all we do.
Craftsmanship, Our staff takes great care and pride in the creation of your piece. We will not allow an inferior product to leave our shop.
Service, We will do our best to provide service that leaves you more that just satisfied. After all, the memory of poor service can overshadow the reality of a great product.

Our well trained staff has over 25 years of experience in metal-craft trades. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you. We are confident you won't be dissapointed.
Some of the sevices we offer:
*Design assistance
*Repairs & Restoration
*Welding (in shop & on site)
We care about our community.
Appalachian Ironworks L.L.C. and its staff are involved locally to make our community a better place. From donation of monuments to local projects, to getting involved with local charities, we take an active role in helping our towns remain a nice place to live.
We care about the environment.
Appalachian Ironworks L.L.C. strives to reduce waste and consumption in all we do.
From simple things like carefully choosing finish products that are low V.O.C. to actively participating in recycling programs, we are doing our part in helping keep the world a greener place.